9 Reasons why Exercise is important to Health & Wellbeing

Ever been told, “Use it or lose it”? Well, don’t ignore it. It applies equally to health and wellbeing but it doesn’t need to.

We often take our bodies for granted until a trip to the doctor presents news we do not want to hear.  

Simply put if you don’t use and look after your body, you will end up losing it for sure. Your lungs and your heart will run the risk of not functioning effectively and efficiently after a while; your muscles will turn into fat and become weak; your joints will become extremely stiff and prone to injury. 

You are probably thinking to yourself that you have heard this many times before, but did you take any notice? This isn’t people with a vested interest who are scaremongering, and exercise is not just about losing weight or building muscles, it is far more important than that.

Consider these benefits to regular exercise: 

1.      It helps you to improve your memory 

If you have ever had a work out session you will find that you can think more clearly after it is done. Your brain is not only getting more oxygen, but many studies have shown that exercise actually boosts your memory and helps you to learn far better. 

2.      It helps to improve your posture  

As you get older and age specific degenerative diseases like osteoporosis set in your posture will begin to suffer and common back ailments may set in. Then and now, good posture is extremely important, and one of the best ways to ensure you have this is to exercise the muscles that support your spine-from the abs to all the other muscle groups along your spine. 

3. It energises you 

As counter-intuitive as it might sound, regular exercise actually energises you throughout your day. In fact, following The Mayo Clinic studies, one of their books, Mayo Clinic Fitness for Everybody, stated that a lunchtime workout does leave you feeling more energetic and productive for the rest of the day.

Not everybody can do a workout, so if you are one of those who can’t, try making sure you get some fresh air and a walk during your lunch break. 

4. It will improve your self-confidence

Exercise improves and maintains your appearance which, as superficial as it might sound, makes you feel better about yourself. Even if the results cannot be immediately seen in the body, they will be apparent in your attitude while it also increases your self-confidence in social situations.

5. It helps you to De-Stress 

Stress is as certain as tax, whether you are the sensible type or not life will throw situations at you. This in turn can take its toll on the mind, but exercise combats this. Exercise releases the natural mood regulators endorphins, putting your body and mind in a better position and giving you a safe stress outlet valve.

6. It helps you sleep better 

The National Sleep Foundation in America has released the findings from several studies proving that exercising not only regulates sleep but helps you to sleep better. Be aware however, they have also found that the best times to do this are in the morning or mid-afternoon. This is because of the energising effect of exercise so doing this too close to your bedtime may have the opposite effect.

 7. It prevents you from getting sick too often 

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that people who exercise regularly tended to have milder symptoms when they were ill compared with those who didn’t exercise. 

8. Increases your life span

This one is a simple no brainer - regular exercise improves health which then prolongs your life expectancy. It is true that sitting all day will actually kill you.

 9. You will be happier

When you put all this together, it makes for a much happier you. It’s not simply about the runner’s high of a life filled with endorphin’s, it brings an all-rounded change to your life. You simply need to make it a habit. The University of Bristol found that on the days people exercised, their moods did in fact improve.

The body was not made to remain sedentary, and no good can come of keeping it so. Exercise is extremely important, so strap on those walking boots or jogging kit and go and pound some pavement!!


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