Are 24/7 Communications Detrimental to Our Health?

Business today

In our highly competitive world businesses are using all the means to maintain competitive advantages. The main group of people that can suffer as a result is the staff.

Business owners and executives who influence the direction of the company and are rarely ‘off duty’ but maintaining a competitive edge will also impact on staff working conditions. Employees can often endure long working hours with weekend work frequently being a necessity.

The effects on the workforce

During the working hours, staff are supposed to be in constant communication with each other. Thanks to the advancement of technology, they can now communicate through various platforms such as social media, emails, messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, SMS, mobile phone and landline calls.

As much as this may seem to be a positive, if not highly necessary set of basic business needs and will streamline the overall performance of the business, it comes with its disadvantages. Did you know that 24/7 communications can be detrimental to your health?

Several reports have proven beyond doubt that such activities have adverse effects on your physical and mental well-being and we examined the findings of a report entitled “Can work make you sick?


A relationship between “long working hours and stress” gave shocking findings on the effects of prolonged working hours to the stress levels. The study found out that stress in a business comes in different forms.

Workforce conflict

It is ridiculous to believe that all the interactions with your colleagues will go smoothly. It is quite usual to challenge another’s thinking and makes for healthy debate – usually. However, there are those instances that can also result in anger and frustration creating tension and stress which can carry over into so called relaxation time at home.

The types of disputes can include workload, remunerations, lack of cooperation, and conflict on respective roles; personal issues may also occur and all can be troubling and affect your life directly – especially if carried out by email, text etc which have no respect for time of day.

Workforce health

A poll published by NPR News revealed that 43% of staff admit that their stress is caused by long working hours and poor sleeping habits (
What should you expect when you are required to be at your workplace very early
and leave late?

Professor Robert J. Blendon of the Harvard Chan School and the director of this research study stated that “The first task of the American employers should be to reduce stress levels at their working place,”

One negative effect of long working hours and 24/7 communications is the loss of focus. Your ability to stay sharp on the job goes down, and you may find yourself making unexplained mistakes.

Those working in risky environments such as busy workshops can be easily injured by lack of concentration. Long working hours accompanied by inadequate safety measures are a recipe for high-stress levels. This is why, according to the same research, staff in retail shops and construction industries lead in having high stress levels of 26% and 23% respectively.


From this article, it is clear that staff in a lot of organizations are a frustrated lot. Apart from suffering from burnouts, they also go through depression and we look towards responsible employers to be ever more conscious of how 24/7 communication can be detrimental to your health and provide the necessary support and advice to employees.

Mayfair, we care.

Could Breathwork be the 2018 self help fad?

Health and fitness is a concern for many people and especially those looking to lead a healthy and fulfilling business and personal lives.

Health is looked at from different perspectives such as physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Meditation and mindfulness have grown in popularity in recent years due to their usefulness in improving various aspects of human health.

We have seen numerous practitioner centres being established to offer lessons and guidance on how people can use meditation exercises to improve their well-being.

A search on Amazon Books will highlight the publishing industry niche that has grown up around meditation and mindfulness which is an indication of the important role that they hold in the health and fitness spectrum in today's society.

However, there’s a new kid on the block!

Breathwork has been gaining popularity as a means through which individuals can improve their well-being. Could it replace meditation and mindfulness?

Breathwork is a collective term used to describe a variety of contemporary wellness practices. These practices aim to influence the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness of an individual through the conscious control of breathing.

Several forms of Breathwork therapy currently exist. The main objective of any Breathwork therapists work to improve the well-being of an individual through an improvement of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of the individual by practice of various therapeutic Breathwork techniques.

It is believed that these techniques can be used to minimize anxiety, relieve chronic pain, deal with anger issues, overcome depression, cure trauma and post-traumatic stress, and solve the negative emotional impacts of physical illness.

Types of Breathwork

Re-birthing Breathwork:

This Breathwork technique is also referred to as conscious energy breathing. It is considered as a means through which individuals can release traumatic memories that have been suppressed since childhood. Participants are usually asked to lie down on their backs, relax, and engage in normal breathing. Through deep relaxation, pent-up energy and subconscious issues are released.

Holotropic Breathwork:

The primary goal of this exercise is to achieve the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. It is often conducted in groups with participants lying down and engaging in breathing exercises. The session ends with participants sharing and discussing the issues that they have discovered about themselves.

Clarity Breathwork:

Deals with any issue that hinders the healthy and free flow of breath and energy. It is founded on the belief that many people do not breathe properly or to their maximum capacity. It, therefore, aims to enable people to breathe properly and achieve mental clarity.

Where Breathwork differs

While Breathwork and mediation aim to achieve similar results, they are different practices. In meditation, a person focuses his or her mind on a specific thought, object, or an activity such as breathing to achieve emotional calm or mental clarity.

Just like Breathwork, it can also be used to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, and depression.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, is the psychological process of focusing on the present. It can be achieved through meditation and Breathwork.

All of these practices differ individually but are complementary in various ways. The increasing popularity of Breathwork as a self-help practice is, however, due to the ability to apply the practice in both meditation and mindfulness. 

If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Mayfair, we care.

Becoming A Better, Fitter, and Healthier Me in 2018

Are you planning to live a better life in 2018? Then start by being true to yourself and change your mindset by making incremental changes. Instead of aiming for impossible goals and holding yourself captive of your own making, having a fresh and organised approach is your best approach. Planning and aiming for feasible and achievable options are far better for both physical and mental health.

Does It begin with me?

Yes. It begins with you. Changing the mindset is the foundation of a successful fitness plan. If you believe that working out or having to check what you eat is no fun then you are setting yourself up for failure! The moment you decide to change your mind; you change your body. It is for this reason you need to alter your mindset and create a sense of positivity within you.

What do I have to eat?

By now you probably have some idea of what is right for your body. It is important to note that lean protein and veggies are good for the body. And truth be told, giving yourself something to look forward to is good too. The piece of cake and drink once in a while, and having some friends come to visit is also a vital component of a healthy living.

Forget the strict diet plans and do some research on the best foods for your body type.

Make sure you avoid eating too little because this will slow down your metabolism when working out. Increase your energy levels by sensibly, cut out snacking and then exercise to burn any excess calories.

It is on that note that we pose the question:

Are successful people more fit, or are fit people more successful?

Statistics show that successful people are very motivated and it is from this drive that they choose to become fitter as their personality is also affected by the whole process.

When the human body is physically active, it releases endorphin known as Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF). This enables you to think more clearly and also make better decisions in life and in business. Try it. It works!

Working out increases the level of BDNF in your brain hence enabling heightened cognitive functions which are a great remedy for mental health. Physical and mental fitness is basically having more energy and stamina, including staying healthier all year round.

A significant number of top executives believe that physical fitness is critical to career success. They further explain that being overweight can be a serious career obstacle that most people would prefer to avoid.

How do I plan for the rewards?

Physical movement is rewarded by chemical systems inside our brain. It is therefore important to combine good nutrition with planned physical activity.

When you feel good you increase the chances of a healthy mindset making you better able to cope with workouts and diets that might previously have been daunting. It’s never late for transformation because in life the only constant we know of is change and incremental change creates positive habits in a stress-free way.

Be aware that the improvements will be gradual and don’t expect too much too soon but over time you will begin to notice significant changes in work performance, productivity, physical fitness and mental sharpness.

Good luck and remember Mayfair, we care

6 Ways of making sure that you keep those Resolutions!


Many of us spend the last few days of one year, and the first few days of the next, making resolutions. However, according to several studies, only 8% of people who make business or personal resolutions succeed in achieving them. This is a poor success rate.


We have discovered that by making both your personal, and business decisions realistic and specific, you may be able to keep them throughout 2018. For instance, ‘I want to lose 4lbs in weight during January’ will work better than ‘I’m going on a diet in the New Year to lose 2 stone’. Similarly, ‘I am going to make 4 new business contacts in January’ seems far more achievable than a vague sales target for the year.


Below are some of the best pieces of advice for maintaining both personal and business resolutions.


1. Start Small When making 2018 resolutions, think of ones you can keep. For instance, if your goal is to start working out, instead of exercising for seven days a week, start with 3 to 4 days a week. By starting small, you will be motivated throughout the year.


2. If you are resolving to become ‘healthier’ then please do not think you have the power to change every unhealthy step in your life at once; it is impossible. Instead, begin by changing one action at a time. Small steps will lead to big changes.


3. Talk about your resolutions Share resolutions and experiences with friends, business partners and family members. You can also look for a support-group to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you are planning to stop smoking, join friends or co-workers who are planning to quit smoking. Having a person to share your successes or struggles will make your 2018 healthy and less intimidating.


4. No one is perfect Do not beat yourself for not achieving a goal. Perfection is impossible. Minor mistakes when achieving your goals are OK and very reasonable. Do not be mad because you skipped gym sessions for the whole week. We all have up and downs. The best thing is to get better from your missteps and get back on the track as soon as possible. One tiny mistake should not let you abandon essential 2018 goals.


5. Pay yourself after a successful step Every successful phase deserves a reward. So, once you make a victory, no matter how small it is, reward yourself. However, the prize should not counter your set goals. For instance, do not reward yourself with a bar of chocolate if you are targeting weight loss! Treat yourself in another way. This style of reward will make you healthy and motivate you to meet the next target.


6. Seek Support. Seeking help from people who care and can listen is an excellent way to manage any stress that can be caused by new year resolutions. If you are unable to achieve your personal or business goals, seek professional help. Experts who are trained to understand the relationship between the body and the mind can help you.


Also, today there are several apps you can use for every resolution. For example, there are workout apps, diet apps and financial apps. Bottom-line Most individuals give-up on their business and personal new-year resolutions within one month. But by following some basic coping mechanisms, you can be different. Begin by building healthy behaviours, seeking help when needed, and sticking to your goals. By doing this, you will be able to keep your realistic 2018 resolutions. 


Mayfair, we care.