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A greener world

If you’re one of those who really wish they could do something to make the world a greener place, then investing in a hybrid or all-electric car should be on your bucket list.

About a decade ago, the world was introduced to the possibilities of driving cars that do not run on fuel, either entirely or in part.

By April 2016, over 4 million hybrid electric vehicle units were sold in the United States, making it the second largest fleet in the world, after Japan’s over 5 million units.

This is a clear indicator that nobody wants to keep paying for fuel when it is expensive, so getting a vehicle that is cost efficient and environmentally friendly, is a definite plus.

The options

A hybrid car gives you the best of two technologies as it combines the standard engine powered by diesel or petrol, and an electric motor, which derives its power from a rechargeable battery pack thus when low on diesel or petrol, you’re still assured of extra miles as the car will run on battery.

An all-electric car is different as it fully utilizes electricity from a charged battery.

Different brands created both hybrid cars like the Prius, and all-electric cars like Tesla models, which are popular among top world celebrities.

In the UK, former Spice girl Geri Horner was spotted driving an all-electric, zero-emission car while on a shopping trip with her daughter. The cute two-seater, Renault Twizy quadricycle fits snug in any parking lot, and is definitely a massive cost saver.

10 top facts

In order to help you care for the planet and still look cool while driving, here are ten sure facts that will excite you into getting yourself a hybrid or all-electric car.

1. All-electric cars are much cheaper to run than diesel or petrol powered vehicles

2. Hybrid cars give the driver a sense of calm when diesel or petrol runs out and they are miles away from the nearest diesel or petrol filling station

3. Electric cars have only one moving part which makes them incredibly low maintenance than diesel or petrol powered engine cars

4. The UK government gives a grant of up to 35% on the cost of the car, with a maximum of about £2,500 to £4,500 depending on the model of the car and certain stipulated conditions

5. Due to faster technology today, all-electric cars are now quicker and quiet compared to their diesel or petrol powered counterparts

6. UK residents are increasingly taking up both hybrid and all-electric cars making it trendy and fashionable to own and drive one

7. The environment is happy, because these vehicles have zero carbon emissions, so you can sleep better knowing you contributed to a cleaner planet

8. In America the perks of driving a hybrid are visible in some states, which treat you as a VIP when you drive a hybrid car, by giving a special lane, while enjoying tax deductions and credits

9. Since you get to drive on your special lane, you get to save time and costs as well

10. Maintenance is low as you don’t have to keep checking on the engine, especially with the all-electric car

If you want your own piece of green heaven in style, innovation, design and performance, hybrid and all-electric cars are your best bet.

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