Importance of first aid training

 What is First Aid?

First aid is the emergency help or treatment that one is accorded in the event of sudden illness or injury before regular medical services can be offered.

It is recommended that such aid be offered by a trained first aider to avoid further complications or injury. Since anyone can be affected by these emergencies, it is important that everyone has some basic first aid skills in order to help others at home, at school, socially and at the work place.

First aid training is made available by various organisations around the world such as the Red Cross Society, Flying Doctors and St. John’s Ambulance. 

What basic first aid training entails:

 Casualty care and communication.

This deals with how a person should talk to the casualty before, during and after first aid.

It is very important to have a conversation with the casualty in order to know how to address their issue. Casualty care involves knowing how to handle the casualty in terms of hygiene, positioning and even the environment in which they should be handled in order to improve their condition.

Caring for yourself and the casualty.

The safety measures that one should observe to prevent risks such as catching infections when administering first aid.

Treating burns and minor bleeding.

Basic first aid training covers burns and minor bleeding. These are two things that occur more often in our daily lives therefore it is important to be equipped with skills on how to handle them properly when they occur.

How to treat an unresponsive casualty.

Sometimes a casualty may not respond to the treatment that is offered to them. This is a situation that can at times be life threatening and handling it needs skill and patience. First aid training will equip you with skills on how to approach it.

First aid priorities and scene management.

Here, one is taught on what treatment should be done step by step and how to keep the scene conducive for the recovery of the casualty.

Importance of first aid training.

The benefits of being trained on first aid cannot be overlooked. First aid training helps to save lives. So many people lose their lives due to a lack of basic first aid assistance being applied until the professionals arrive. With knowledge, we could all help in such circumstances.

First Aid training is essential for those living with people who need continuous monitoring. Such people could be suffering from anaemia, diabetes or epilepsy. Having first aid skills will prove reassuring in the event of an ‘episode’ because knowledge reduces the seriousness of what can appear to be an emergency. 

In summary.

Everyone is eligible for first aid training. These acquired, lifelong skills cover all sorts of eventualities and since it is not possible to predict when and where an emergency may occur, we can be confident that we will be able to be useful if and when one happens. 

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Why World First Aid Day 13th September 2016 is important

What is the Importance of World First Aid Day?

September 13, 2016, is the World First Aid Day, a campaign that happens every year to raise public awareness of how first aid training helps in saving lives and preventing injuries.

First Aid is defined as the first assistance provided to an individual who suffers a sudden illness or injury. You do not have to be a trained medic to offer first aid. We can all perform first aid to their relatives, colleagues or friends when an emergency occurs. But how many know how?

The primary objective of first aid is saving life and preventing the medical situation from worsening. With that in mind we should all make an effort to master basic first aid skills.

The first aid statistics are shocking. Every year, in the UK alone, more than 150,000 lives are lost in circumstances where first aid skills can have a significant difference. A worrying statistic is that only 9 percent of parents and guardians in the UK are willing and confident to carry out first aid on their children. That means 91% do not know where to start!!

In 2000, the IFRC (Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) introduced the World First Aid Day. Every year over 100 Red Crescent and Red Cross society organize global ceremonies and events worldwide. The campaigns focus on promoting the role of first aid in saving lives in daily crisis. Each person should be ready to perform first aid on a loved one or a colleague.

First aid skills are something that should be available at all times, at work, leisure, and home. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that key staff members have the essential skills that can save a life. Investing in a healthy and a safe workforce is an aspect that business owners should never overlook.

What Does IFRC Do?

The training provided by IFRC aims at promoting the objective of the British Red Cross to minimize and prevent suffering, save lives and boost the resilience and well-being of the UK populace and the whole world.

The Charity Fund operated by the British Red Cross benefits from the operational surplus from IFRC training. Therefore, they can design the most substantial impact for persons in crisis irrespective of wherever or whoever they are.

Participants in the World First Aid Day learn crucial life-saving skills that can assist you in responding to any emergency with confidence. You will also help IFRC to accomplish its vision of ensuring all people across the world enjoy the assistance they require in any crisis.

First Aid for Younger Generation

The British Red Cross aims to launch a campaign that will assist in developing first aid skills for children and teens aged 11 to 16 years in the same day.

Popular social networking platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as, the Red Cross website ( will provide teens with exceptional experiences. National dance clubs and sports clubs will also benefit from the first aid training provided by the professionals from the British Red Cross.

Additionally, the World First Aid Day will also feature lots of fun activities including celebrity gossip, blogs, competitions, and quizzes. All the activities will focus on raising awareness of the primary benefit of learning first aid skills.

In summary, the World First Aid Day is important to all of us. Learning to save a life is a skill that every person should master. Plan to participate in the coming World First Aid Day.

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