6 Ways of making sure that you keep those Resolutions!


Many of us spend the last few days of one year, and the first few days of the next, making resolutions. However, according to several studies, only 8% of people who make business or personal resolutions succeed in achieving them. This is a poor success rate.


We have discovered that by making both your personal, and business decisions realistic and specific, you may be able to keep them throughout 2018. For instance, ‘I want to lose 4lbs in weight during January’ will work better than ‘I’m going on a diet in the New Year to lose 2 stone’. Similarly, ‘I am going to make 4 new business contacts in January’ seems far more achievable than a vague sales target for the year.


Below are some of the best pieces of advice for maintaining both personal and business resolutions.


1. Start Small When making 2018 resolutions, think of ones you can keep. For instance, if your goal is to start working out, instead of exercising for seven days a week, start with 3 to 4 days a week. By starting small, you will be motivated throughout the year.


2. If you are resolving to become ‘healthier’ then please do not think you have the power to change every unhealthy step in your life at once; it is impossible. Instead, begin by changing one action at a time. Small steps will lead to big changes.


3. Talk about your resolutions Share resolutions and experiences with friends, business partners and family members. You can also look for a support-group to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you are planning to stop smoking, join friends or co-workers who are planning to quit smoking. Having a person to share your successes or struggles will make your 2018 healthy and less intimidating.


4. No one is perfect Do not beat yourself for not achieving a goal. Perfection is impossible. Minor mistakes when achieving your goals are OK and very reasonable. Do not be mad because you skipped gym sessions for the whole week. We all have up and downs. The best thing is to get better from your missteps and get back on the track as soon as possible. One tiny mistake should not let you abandon essential 2018 goals.


5. Pay yourself after a successful step Every successful phase deserves a reward. So, once you make a victory, no matter how small it is, reward yourself. However, the prize should not counter your set goals. For instance, do not reward yourself with a bar of chocolate if you are targeting weight loss! Treat yourself in another way. This style of reward will make you healthy and motivate you to meet the next target.


6. Seek Support. Seeking help from people who care and can listen is an excellent way to manage any stress that can be caused by new year resolutions. If you are unable to achieve your personal or business goals, seek professional help. Experts who are trained to understand the relationship between the body and the mind can help you.


Also, today there are several apps you can use for every resolution. For example, there are workout apps, diet apps and financial apps. Bottom-line Most individuals give-up on their business and personal new-year resolutions within one month. But by following some basic coping mechanisms, you can be different. Begin by building healthy behaviours, seeking help when needed, and sticking to your goals. By doing this, you will be able to keep your realistic 2018 resolutions. 


Mayfair, we care.