The benefits of regular Yoga both professionally and personally

With so many people having a busy schedule, there appears to be little time for a personal luxury like yoga. But is it a luxury? Maybe if people understood the importance of yoga they would prioritise it more. Let’s look at the benefits of regular yoga. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a technique that seeks to strengthen the body and the mind.

It involves meditation, breathing exercises and assumes various postures that seek to engage certain muscles. Yoga requires discipline and is highly effective in boosting your mental and physical strength.

Yoga as a technique dates back to thousands of years in the Hindu culture. However, the practice has been adopted in various countries and is presently being provided in schools, hospitals and leisure centres. 

Personal Benefits of Yoga

There are numerous personal benefits of regular yoga. First, rigorous scientific studies cite the technique as an effective approach towards boosting your strength, balance and flexibility. There is evidence citing regular yoga as a beneficial technique not only for people with high blood pressure but also back pains, stress and depression.

Regular yoga produces physical benefits such as improved respiration and energy, improved cardio and circulatory health, weight reduction as well as increased physical flexibility. Yoga improves your balance by strengthening key areas of the body such as the ankles thereby reducing the risk of falls. 

Mentally, regular yoga is beneficial as it helps in stress management. Yoga focuses on creating calmness and inner peace. Therefore, it is a highly effective approach for managing stress and anxiety. Considering the high number of stress in the workplace, encouraging yoga among your employees can be one way of helping them to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Professional Benefits of Regular Yoga

Regular yoga stimulates mental health. Therefore, for those feeling overwhelmed in the workplace, practicing yoga will help you overcome workplace challenges, develop a positive attitude and learn self-discipline. Recent scientific research such as “The Science of Yoga” by William J. Board cites that regular yoga improves both physical and emotional wellbeing. This is because unlike most exercises, yoga helps to promote mindfulness thereby improving your mental wellbeing. Regular yoga can help in your career by helping you to develop your self-confidence as you strive to master contortions that at first appeared challenging. 

If you have not yet begun practicing yoga, then you are missing out. Look for a class or go online and get some great tips for beginners’ class. Find time in your busy schedule to practice yoga. It is worth it.

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