Moving Overseas for Business Reasons.....

Increasing numbers of people go to work abroad as faster travel shrinks our world.

Working overseas to further a career has always happened and it is easier now than it ever has been to take advantage of the benefits to career progression that a willingness to develop yourself and your company abroad offers.

Taking such a step can be both daunting and exciting and when the day of the posting arrives you are bound to have some mixed emotions. You are facing a massive change to your way of life and your decision will have needed careful thought.

Proper planning is key and if you and your employer have taken account of all the issues that you may face then you will leave confident that you are fully prepared. Some personal aspects to consider are: 


  • How will the move affect you and your family and is your partner fully supportive? 
  • Will your family be going with you? 
  • Have you researched local schools? 
  • If they are not coming with you, how often will you get back to see them?


  •   Is your new salary and position sufficient compensation for inevitable personal sacrifice?
  • How long will you be away?
  • Have you researched your tax position?
  • Will you be paying tax abroad?
  • How much?
  • What are the affects to your pension – if any?
  • What is the healthcare situation in your destination?
  •   Is there a state system?
  •  Do you have healthcare insurance?

No matter how confident you are in your own ability to adapt to a change as significant as moving overseas, it is important you do not underestimate how stressful such a move could be for your family. This is especially true for young and teen-aged children.

If the company you work for has your living arrangements and transportation taken care of in advance, that's great.

However, what if they do not? 

  • Can you find somewhere to live quickly and easily? 
  • What about a vehicle?
  • Insurances?
  • Will your home country driving licence be sufficient in your country of destination?


  • Have you familiarised yourself with local customs, culture and etiquette as appropriate?
  • Do you speak the local language? 
  • How you will spend your time when you aren't working?
  • Where will you find like-minded people with whom you can connect?  

Moving to a different country at any age, especially if you've never been there before, can be both a little bit terrifying and totally exhilarating in equal parts.

Take the time to think your decision through before you set anything in stone. Perhaps talk to a few people who have moved overseas at some point in time. Pick their brains a little about what it was like and what exactly you should have in place before you go. 

 A thorough checklist will go a long way and give you piece of mind. Last but not least, don't forget to set some time aside to explore and enjoy the new country you've just arrived in.

Depending on the position you have moved overseas for, the adventure new experience may just be the best part of your posting abroad so embrace and enjoy!