Is life just too fast?

We have more labour-saving appliances, smart gadgets and improved ways of working than we have ever had before. However, this does not appear to be freeing up any time and most people seem busier than ever.

The pace of life, the pace of change, and the pace of technology is increasing at year on year. This is not necessarily a good thing for us as individuals. Perhaps we need to be aware that by slowing down a little we can improve our life immeasurably?

Everything seems fast these days from fast food, to fast deliveries of goods we order, to superfast Internet and smart lanes on motorways getting us to places quicker, the advances in technology are vast and enable us to carry out increasing numbers of tasks quickly and easily. Doing more things more quickly does not translate into more ‘me’ time though, in fact during what should be ‘me’ time we spend it in front of our mobile phones, tablets or laptops getting more stimulation and the more stressed we become as a result.

We are now in addicted to this fast pace of life, This ability to connect and be connected with information on the outside world every minute of the day. Next time you are on public transport please take a look around you and count up the number of phones that are being stared at as opposed to the number of people actually talking to one another. The result is frightening.

On the rare occasion when we might experience an Internet outage we are frantic because we are not connected and this expectation of constant connectivity means we are losing our relationship with the natural rhythms of life.

So how can we correct this shift to experience a slower pace of life?

Here are some ideas.

Digital detox.

If you truly believe you are addicted to your smartphone then why not try to detach yourself from the it for periods of time every week.? Initially, try an evening without the phone, then perhaps half a day, then a full day. You may be surprised at how enjoyable it is to read a book or concentrate on the television programme instead of it being on in the background. On public transport, why not leave the phone in your pocket and people watch or enjoy the journey.


A gentle 5 to 10 minutes stretching routine before bed each night whilst concentrating on your breathing will not only calm you this will also cooks you away from your phone before bedtime.


Go for a walk in the evening without your smart phone and enjoy the scenery in your neighbourhood take in the different architecture, trees and shrubs. This will have a calming influence.

The weekends.

There is a tendency to cram as much activity into leisure time as we possibly can. This somewhat contradicts the term leisure time! Why not schedule time just to sit in the garden and read, listen to music, have a coffee, enjoy the surroundings. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy this.

So your challenge is to fit periods of slow living in to your busy life and become engaged on a different level, allowing your mind to switch off and simply be you in achieving a great work / life balance.

Good luck!


Mayfair, we care.

Why we need purpose in our lives.


Research indicates that happiness depends on having meaning and connection in our lives but how do we get this? We are off for a few ideas as to how to achieve this.

What is your life’s purpose?

Part of the problem is that very few of us ever can fully answer this question. We are on this earth for an unknown period of time and during that time we do some things that are important, and some things that are important.


Please note that it is the important things that we believe give our lives meaning and happiness. This can be true, but sometimes the little things will contribute in a disproportionate way as well.


Make a difference

Perhaps instead of asking what life’s purpose is, we should be saying to ourselves what can we do with our lives what is important and can make a difference.


Importance can mean different things to different people. It can mean going into politics, or campaigning for climate change; or it can be something as straightforward as coaching juniors at the local sports club or giving your time to a local charity or community group.


You see, it does not have to be related to the work that you do, it can be a pastime, a particular interest or volunteering with a local club or charity which gives you the most pleasure and a sense of wellbeing because you feel you are giving something back to the community.


Simple kindnesses

As far as work is concerned, please remember that many of us do not work in the job of our dreams. That is something which is reserved for the lucky few.


For the rest of us we can achieve fulfillment by perhaps helping a colleague who might be struggling at work or carrying out simple kindnesses such as calling in to say hello and have a chat with an elderly neighbour or giving someone a simple, unexpected gift.


Try saying thank you to a shop assistant and meaning it; or complimenting somebody on their appearance or congratulating them for something they have achieved.

The list of small kindnesses such as this is endless and can make such a difference both to you, having shown this kindness, as well as to the recipient for having received it  - they may be having a bad day and can suddenly feel 10 feet tall!


Become a kind person that makes a difference and be a happier one. That’s got to be a good purpose in life.


Remember, Mayfair cares