Health issues for those with sedentary roles


Most people working in offices or working as drivers, can sit all day without doing much movement or exercise.


Sitting all day can cause major back problems and lead to posture issues not to mention pain. Sitting has become the new smoking as far as resultant health issues are concerned but some of us have little choice but to sit down for most of the day.


We are all aware of the importance of getting up and moving regularly but in reality, work gets in the way and we don’t have time to do what we know we should.


However, for those of us at desks or when the vehicle is stationary there is a new technique created by Dell – Maree Day who is a biochemics and posture expert.


Her advice is as follows.


·       Move half forward on the seat so that your feet are flat on the floor directly under your knees and your back is not touching the back of the chair.


·       Look straight ahead and sit up tall with relaxed arms to restore the natural curve of your spine. In this position you should find your eyes level with the top third of your computers monitor if you have it in the correct position (which many of us don’t!).


·       Practice the invisible breathing technique. Breathing in deeply and as you breathe out think ‘sternum through towards your spine’. As you think this thought you will feel your deep abdominal muscles doing their job, flattening and narrowing your waist. Repeat these 5 to 6 times every hour. “Within days you will feel your abs strengthening and your posture will already have improved” says Day


These postures will activate every one of your muscles so you will breath, sit, stand, move and exercise better transforming your posture and body shape day says.


Mayfair, we care.

Source – The Invisible Exercise by Dell-Maree Day