The Benefits of a Healthy Workforce to the Employers

In recent times, the corporate world has embraced and given health and wellness programs a

priority. The incorporation of health and wellness programs in the corporate agenda can

significantly benefit both the employees and employers.

Currently, employers acknowledge that workplace fitness is crucial for business. That's why

companies are now launching custom-made wellness programs to meet the health and

wellness needs of their employees.

The majority of employees now believe that a healthy and fit workforce can be more

productive and more lucrative. A 2013 research study conducted in America by the

International Labor Organization, shows that 85.8% of men and 66.5 women work for over

40 hours in a week.

It also noted that Americans work over 137 hours more in a year as compared to the Japanese

workforce, and 260 hours more than British workers, and in excess of 499 hours per year

more than the French workforce.

This explains why the majority of Americans are suffering from excess weight and lack of

fitness. Also, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services noted that approximately 60%

of American workers do not get enough time for physical exercise.

This is why corporate entities are now coming up with workplace wellness programs that

encourage workers to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some of the benefits of a healthy workforce to the employer.

Healthy Employees reduces Healthcare Costs

According to studies released by the University of Michigan, employers who have embraced

wellness programs saves up to $1100 annually for every employee who quits smoking, and

$1200 annually for every employee who reduces the cholesterol levels from 240mg to

190mg, and 177$ for every employer who sheds off excess weight.

This proves that healthy employees are cheaper to maintain than unhealthy employees.

Less Absenteeism

Maintaining a healthy workforce goes a long way in reducing absenteeism. For example,

after the Anderson Cancer Center established an employee health and wellness program, the

managing director reported that the number of workdays lost decreased by 80% and

improved the workdays by 64%. This enables the Cancer Center to save costs totaling $1.5


Fitness Programs Creates less Stress

The workplace fitness initiatives go a long way in enlightening employees on how to

positively embrace their jobs both mentally and physically. The fact that many workers spend

the majority of their time on computers, neck, arm, and wrist fatigue can indeed bring them

Stress and burnouts. Also, many workers report cases of eye strain because of spending too

much time on computers. However, the introduction of wellness programs has enlightened

employees on how to avoid this.

Fitness Improves the Employees Retention Rate

According to research, corporate entities that have a well-established wellness program

enjoys a higher employee retention rate. A study released by the National Business Group on

Health reported that companies with wellness programs have fewer cases of voluntary

attrition than those without them.

Fitness Nurtures Teamwork

Participating in fitness programs plays a vital role in promoting the natural growth of team

spirit. Workers who do workouts together can know and understand each other better. This

means improved teamwork for the organization, which comes with increased productivity.

From all this, we can say that workplace fitness programs play a vital role in establishing a

work atmosphere that makes workers feel appreciated and cherished. This usually has a

tremendous impact on their productivity.

Putting in place a Wellness and fitness program will benefit not only the employees but also

the employees.

And remember – Mayfair we care!


The importance of good Health Care Packages to both Employees and Employers

Workplace health insurance programs are enormously popular because they offer numerous mutual benefits for both the employee and the employer. The best healthcare packages combine both individual and organizational strategies if it is to benefit the employees, their families and the company as a whole.

4 Benefits to employers offering health insurance  

From an employer’s perspective, it is unfortunate that a majority of publicity relating to providing healthcare perks to employees mostly focuses on the added burden that these benefits impose to a company.

However, it is important to look beyond the liability and focus on the overall benefits that come with offering the cover to your employees.

·        Good for the company image

One of the most important components of your company's brand is its public image. By offering a good benefits package including health insurance to employees, you help increase your company's visibility to potential future employees and the general public. Most people use this measure to gauge the company's desirability when seeking employment. To them, this in part shows your commitment as a caring employer.  

·        Reduces absenteeism

Healthy employees, satisfied with their salary package are far more likely to value their jobs and less likely to take days off sick. This is good for productivity and overall job satisfaction. A healthy employee with peace of mind who practices preventative health care is a tremendous asset to any employer and the health care package helps create this virtuous circle.

·        Saves the employer money

The cost of providing healthcare packages, whilst a major investment, is still likely to provide the employer with savings over the cost of sick pay, the cost of holiday accrual during sickness, the cost of temporary staff to cover the sick employee and the cost of managing the sick employee.

 ·        Helps you retain your best employees

Having a strong benefits package that incorporates health insurance will help the employer when it comes to retaining or attracting good employees. It is often the deciding factor when a competitor is head hunting your best people. If you have looked after them well the loyalty factor will usually repay you.

3 Benefits of health insurance to employees

·        It is a valuable perk

At a time when we are always looking to maximise our salary, the healthcare perk is a very attractive one when offered as part of the employment package. Such a benefit offers employees and their families the reassurance of being quickly and efficiently seen in the event of health worries.

·        Enhances job satisfaction

Employees appreciate the care and sacrifice that their employers make by offering them, and often their family, comprehensive health cover. This gives peace of mind that has a positive impact on job satisfaction. It is said that a happy employee is a more productive employee.

·        It’s more convenient

Job-sponsored health cover will help ease pressure of waiting anxiously for doctor’s appointments and enables health issues to be tackled quickly, efficiently and at a time to suit you.


A staff benefits package that includes healthcare insurance delivers benefits for both employees and employers in equal measure. It can be argued that a company is more likely to experience success and profitability for longer with a workforce that is looked after properly by a caring employer.