Don’t Be Hangry!


We have all been there.

You have a deadline to meet and you’ve missed lunch; you knew it wasn’t a great idea at the time but  you had no alternative because a client was insisting on having a proposal by 3pm and there was so much work involved.

You hit your deadline and it’s now mid-afternoon. You are irritable. You snap at your workmates over something trivial which is most out of character for you.

Is the reason that you are feeling ‘hangry’?

This is a word that has crept into the English language in recent times and is a blend of the words hungry and angry. But what a good description for the way that you feel when your blood glucose levels drop during that afternoon period when you have heard thing to eat.

Hangry remedy

The most effective way of putting this right is to have a carbohydrate hit!

Bread, dried fruit or a smoothie would do the job.

However, wouldn’t it be better not to get hungry in the first place? And wouldn’t it be better not to totally miss food at lunchtime?

We all use up energy when we are working and like our cars, we need fuel to keep us going.

The best advice would be to not only have a proper breakfast (say porridge) in the morning to set you up for the day, but to also keep some nutritious snacks available if you find yourself in a position whereby you have to miss a midday meal.

If you don’t look after yourself, no-one else will. The client doesn’t know that you missed lunch to hit his deadline so be prepared for each eventuality and avoid ‘hanger’.

Mayfair, we care