The Importance of Movember 2018

It’s that time of the year again.

Movember 2018 is just around the corner, and everyone is raring to begin their month-long shaving hiatus. As we prepare to see the best and wackiest moustaches that Movember 2018 has to offer, this year’s theme, ‘Stop Men Dying Too Young,’ reminds us of the cause we support by putting aside our razors once a year.    

The Movember Foundation has been operational for the past 15 years and is currently the leading men’s health charity in the world. The foundation’s goal coincides with this year’s theme, and over the span of a decade and a half, Movember has funded over 1,200 projects focused on men’s health, with an aim to reduce young men’s mortality rate by 25 percent in the next 12 years.

Movember 2018 objectives   

The Movember Foundation plans to achieve this by focusing on three serious conditions: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. In 2018 alone, 164,690 new cases of prostate cancer, which is the second most common cancer affecting men in America, were reported, and 29,430 people died from it [1]. Close to 10,000 new cases of testicular cancer were diagnosed this year. Although only 1 in 250 men develop testicular cancer in their lifetimes, an approximate 400 deaths have been recorded in 2018 [2].    

The Movember Foundation contributes to biomedical research projects that look for better treatments of prostate cancer and testicular cancer. In addition to that, it runs several initiatives that focus on helping men with mental conditions with a focus on reducing men’s suicide rates.   

Different programs

Changing Rooms is one such program. The football-based project, which was launched this year in April, has worked successfully in bringing together men through a mutual love of football but with an aim to guide them towards better mental health. The program focuses on teaching men how to manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression.   

The Global Action Plan, the foundation’s biggest global initiative, tackles the needs of prostate and testicular cancer patients, ensuring that every patient gets the social, psychological, and physical support needed to increase their survival rates. With such a high success rate in the UK, the project is exploring how intensive exercise can also improve the survival rates of prostate cancer patients.   

TrueNTH is an initiative that was formed under the same principles and is currently the Movember Foundation’s largest global project, serving a total of eight countries. Its main aim is to improve the quality of life for testicular cancer patients and their loved ones. Thus far, the organization has achieved this through improving the availability of healthcare professionals, introducing support programs, and providing useful treatment information to the patients.   

TrueNTH advises a proactive approach to managing testicular cancer through the supported self-management program, which encourages men to perform regular checks on themselves and to look out for symptoms of both testicular and prostate cancer. It has also launched a portal [3] where patients of testicular cancer can access information on how to cope with their condition.    

The Movember Foundation has funded numerous suicide prevention and mental health projects to provide support to men with mental health issues, and to give them the encouragement to talk to others about their problems. In addition to that, the charity also launched Ex-Cell 50+, a re-integration program targeting older male offenders who are looking to set up businesses within the community.    

In summary

As you witness the madness of wild moustaches this Movember, remember that at the heart of the campaign lies a serious cause to curb the premature deaths of young men all over the world. The charity has dedicated itself to bettering the lives of people across the globe by tackling issues that men rarely open up about. As you participate in Movember 2018, you can also help by spreading awareness about the problems that bring about early deaths in men, and how Movember is aiding in their eradication.   

Mayfair, we care.







Movember - and how it is changing men's attitude to health

Ever heard of the term “Movember” and wondered what it represents or means? Movember is an amalgamation of November and Moustache (Mo) and is a term that describes an annual charity moustache growing event which is normally held in the month of November as a way to raise both awareness and fund in relation to prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

At the beginning of November, Men referred to as Mo Bros’ together with the ladies in their lives referred to as Mo Sistas’ are invited to register on the official Movember website.

The male participants begin with a clean shave face and have the rest of November to not only grow but groom their moustaches in an effort to raise funds and create awareness relative to benefiting the health programs for men. 

It is now a worldwide movement and according to statistics by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) where Movember activity is significant, men are more likely to die four years earlier than women.

Moreover, as was observed for instance in South Africa, there is a 40 % more likelihood of a man dying of cancer as opposed to a woman.

Although biologically there is no disadvantage that puts men at more risk to cancer and even early death to women, it is worth noting that women rarely open up about their health issues in a way that men do not.

Through growing a moustache, men are able to inspire other men and generate both education and awareness of male health issues. This awareness has resulted in gradually altering men’s behaviours and mind-sets by removing stigmas and breaking down barriers ultimately inspiring change. 

The goal of Movember is to inspire men to take charge of their health, avert illness through adopting a healthy lifestyle and be in a position to identify symptoms and signs both for them and their counterparts, so that they can seek medical assistance at an earlier stage.

Through this simple moustache initiative, Movember aims to achieve its goal of globally creating a long lasting impact on Men’s health through continually sparking conversation and creating and extending awareness relative to Men’s health each year. 


Getting started: You can register online either as an individual or even as a group, and all the relevant information relative to getting started will be emailed to you.

Moreover, you can hold an individual Mo Party anywhere ranging from your campus , club or office and you will be sent a party pack that will aid you raise both funds and awareness. 


1. Go to the Movember website and click on either Get Involved or Register.

2. Select how you would like to register either as an individual, member of a team or a captain. 

3. Fill in all the personal information required by completing all fields then click on continue’. 

4. (NOTE: Personal information is secured through a privacy policy and cannot be sold to any third party or be used in marketing purposes).

5. On completion of filing information, you will be re-directed to the login area where you can do among other things; donate, invite friends to register, set up Mo Space page and download posters and information. 

And remember – Mayfair cares.