Top 7 Tips For Traveling in Europe

Europe is the most visited continent, attracting over 58% of global tourists according to

This is not surprising considering the fact its’ diversity of destinations in terms of history, culture, and beauty.

Europe boasts more historical, geological and architectural attractions than any other place on earth. With 51 independent states and over 60 indigenous languages, Europe is definitely a destination for the bucket list.

However, when you are planning to visit Europe, you need to get everything right. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your European travel.

Check Your Visa Requirements

One of the most frustrating things is to get denied a visa when you have already made travel arrangements. If you are planning to visit any country in Europe, do some research to determine whether you qualify for a visa. Tourist visas are relatively easy to acquire and may be able to visit various European countries using a single visa depending on your destination.

Most countries offer visas on arrival at the airport. This gives you the freedom to visit several countries during your European travel.

Use the Train

Once you are in Europe, traveling by train is much more convenient than air. You can book your ticket at the station and immediately get on the train. The good news is that Europe boasts of the most advanced train network that connects almost all countries. You can sometimes travel from one country to another in a matter of minutes.

Smell the roses – don’t rush!

One of the biggest mistakes most tourist make is trying to view everything in a short time. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Europe, you need to take your time at your destination.

European cities have so much to offer considering their far-reaching history. When you chose to stay somewhere, take at least three days to explore the city and its environs. 

And don’t just restrict yourself to the big cities with all the well known places, try to immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting villages  and small towns. You will be amazed at the discoveries out there.

Cash can still be King

While it is obvious that credit cards are the most convenient way of carrying your money, do not be surprised when you enter a cash-only restaurant or shop.

There are many shopping destinations that do not accept credit cards even today. Make sure you have some of the local currency with so that you can be able to pay in cash if need be.

Note. Euros are the currency in many mainland Europe countries but not everywhere so do that advance planning to make sure that you are not caught out!

Consider Less Popular Destinations

A lot of attention is drawn to Western Europe and people can forget about the adorable beauty of Eastern Europe.

While UK, Germany, Spain, France Italy and many othern Western countries may seem more attractive, there are a lot of things to be experienced in the Eastern Countries. Furthermore, visiting East Europe can be cheaper.

In 2017, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Serbia, and Hungary were considered the cheapest countries to visit in Europe.

Avoid Restaurants In Tourist Areas

Tourist hotels tend to be more expensive everywhere in the world. If you want to save a little on your vacation, try visiting restaurants that are off the beaten track some distance from tourist attractions.

Make Early Reservations

Considering the fact that there are plenty of tourists visiting Europe, you need to make your reservations in advance. Book everything starting with your accommodation, tours, and even meals in advance. This will help minimize the chances of missing out.

It will also hamper spontaneity so perhaps build in a day or two when no restaurants are booked and try to find the gem of a place that you will talk about for the whole of your trip.

Bottom Line

Europe is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It is rich in culture, history and natural attractions. However, you need to plan your European travel carefully to make the most of your adventure.

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