Bounceback Ability

How resilient are you?

Does the smallest setback in your business or personal life become a major drama? And does a major setback in your personal or business life become a total catastrophe?

How easy do you find it to bounce back from adversity? Some people seem to have amazing resilience to bounce back from personal or business failure but for others it can be far more difficult and potentially lead to significant health issues.

By showing external resilience it does not mean that you are unaffected by events, more that they have worked out how to deal with setbacks and have strong coping mechanisms as a result.

We can all work on our capability to bounce back from adversity. Here are seven hints and tips that will help.

Be happy with excellent even though you’re striving for superb.

There really is no such thing as total perfection so settling for completion of the project that is very good, or excellent, will reduce your stress levels and enable you to move on to the next project.

Take time out.

Even in the busiest of days it is important to give yourself some “me time“. This might involve reading, a hobby or exercise.

Do something different.

By signing up for a course at the local college or Joining a local sports club you will develop your relationships with others and boost your physical and mental well-being. 

Spend time with positive people.

It is widely known that some people can suck the energy out of the room; these people are known as mood hoovers and you should avoid them at all costs! Surround yourself with supportive friends and positive acquaintances. This is good for confidence and your own belief in yourself.

Keep active.

Staying in good health is important for resilience therefore aim for 30 minutes a day of moderate activity.


Good relationships are key to resilience and there is nothing better than A good chat with a good friend or relative to affect the quality of your relationships.

Time is a healer.

Remember that no matter how bad things might seem at the moment due to a business failing or relationship breakdown, such bad times to pass And you will emerge a stronger person in due course.

Please note however that if you are experiencing extreme distress on an ongoing basis then you should seek professional help as well as taking the advice above.

 Mayfair, we care

Mood Hoovers and their effect on others


Everyone gets a bad hair day, but mood hoovers always seem to be in a negative zone, drawing everybody else into it and destroying any good vibes, positive energy and determination.

Unless you are a very special sort of person able to rise above it when you see them, mood hoovers will always suck your energy leaving you deflated and demotivated. There are a lot of them too! Gallup research reveals that 70 % of employees at all workplaces are demotivated.  

Who is a mood hoover?   

These people are always down, walk into a room with slumped shoulders, lack joie de vivre - they are sad, they are tired, bored and lacking in motivation. Mood’s are catching, and mood hoovers always find a way to infect people with their never-ending moaning.   

Are you a mood hoover?    

Are You always complaining about one thing or another? Do you feel lethargic and miserable all the time? Do you focus on the negative things in your life but rarely the positive? Do you feel like nothing motivates you anymore?

Damn, you are a mood hoover!

You are an infestation at your place of work, every person you encounter and everything you exaggerates how you feel and brings others down as well.     

Stop being a Mood Hoover and become a Mood Radiator!   

Think about the people whose life seems full of positivity – wouldn’t you like some of that? Guess what? You can have it with some changes of attitude.

Try to see the good in everything. On a cold sunny day don’t focus on the cold, focus on the clear blue sky. If you buy a new smartphone, don’t focus on the difficulty in setting it up and learning the new technology, focus on how much easier it will make aspects of your life!

 Remind yourself of your best talents and strengths, an achievement you accomplished, or the things you are benefiting from the job you say you don’t like.    

Hang out with positive and optimistic friends, go to the gym, eat a balanced diet and find recreational ways to let go.’ Always see the positive, feel the positive, and express the positive no matter what everyone else thinks.   

How to handle mood hoovers    

Three things you can do to avoid your energy sucked away by these people. But you will need strength especially when the office mood hoover happens to be your best friend.

Repel their negativity   

Brace for impact whenever you encounter mood hoovers. This is the time to remember all those quotes about positivity you ever read. Just don’t allow yourself to be dragged down by what they say.    

If they ask why?’ your reply would be why not? ’

It will never work’ your response would be what do you think would work,

’I hate my job,’ your response would be “what are you still doing here,’ or why don’t you find something that makes you happy?’

There are all manner of answers to throw them off balance, and win them over    

There is a curse of negativity all around. It is not imaginable either - wrong and unfair things are happening every day. Mood hoovers might not have the psychological stamina to withstand and weather the emotional hurricanes - but thank heavens you do.

You could do one better- become a mood radiator so that even the mood hoovers can benefit from your positive energy.   Or avoid them    

If you can do neither of the above, avoid them. Plain and simple. Walk the other way when you see them walking your way. Eventually, they will get the point. Surround yourself with positive , like minded people . It is survival.    Always seek to be the spark that inspires and motivates your colleagues at work.

Everyone hass a bad hair day sometimes; you can be the glue that holds everything together. It is in your best interest to do that.

Remember, Mayfair we care.