Resolutions and your place of work

We are now into 2017 and did you make those resolutions?

Where any of them for your workplace?

Perhaps you forgot.

Here are 6 suggestions to make your working life better, more enjoyable and more productive.

  • Create prioritised ‘to do’ lists. We know that this isn’t original but it is oh so important if you are to increase your own efficiency and avoid being stressed by the important task that you are putting off.
  • Delegate More. Are you possessive about your workload thinking no one else could do the work like you? If you work in a team then learn the meaning of the word team and delegate! That way your colleagues will enjoy the extra responsibility and you will improve your work life balance and create some ‘thinking time’.
  • Take Your Lunch Break. It isn’t smart or impressive to work through your lunch break. Everyone needs a break during the day and a good idea is to get some fresh air and gentle exercise to refresh both the mind and body. It will benefit your productivity in the afternoon.  
  • Show more interest in your colleagues. Get to know the people you work with better. Understand what makes them tick, what is important to them and what they worry about. Arrange lunchtime walks or a drink after work. This will develop your relationship and make working together more productive.
  • Improve fitness. From that stroll at lunchtime with a colleague to taking up a new sport or joining a gym, regular exercise will also have benefits at work because you will become sharper in both body and mind.
  • Positive mindset. Associate yourself with generally positive people and be positive yourself. Positivity is contagious as are the benefits of a positive mindset both at work and at home.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Our intention here is to leave you with achievable resolutions and if you are able to take up even half of those listed, and make them stick, then you will find significant benefits both personally and professionally.

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