Can regular breaks make you more efficient?

You are faced with an enormous to-do list that looks like you will need to start early, miss lunch and work late. But will missing breaks be the best thing for your productivity?

Not according to research recently carried out by The Australia Institute who advise that regular breaks are necessary to make sure tht a heavy workload is carried out efficiently.

Here are three reasons to give yourself more breaks at work.

Restore Focus

Our brains were not designed for the extended focus that we demand of them. Once we overstretch our ability to focus we become unable to concentrate and feel zoned out, or irritable. But there is a solution. By taking a brief mental break it will actually help us to stay on the task for longer and complete it more effectively.

Defeat fatigue

Taking breaks during the day, including a decent lunch break is an effective way to fight fatigue and helps increase productivity according to research.

Without sufficient downtime to refresh and recharge, we become less efficient, make more mistakes and are less focused on what we are doing.

Maintain health.

When you are physically and mentally stressed you produce the stress hormone cortisol.

Elevated cortisol levels over time related to a number of diseases and research has found that taking a lunch break had a positive effect on reducing blood pressure and improving sleep quality. 

Ready to take a break?

Then try the try one of the many relaxation techniques that you can find on specialist websites and set your timer for a regular break.

When the timer goes off, take a short break for five minutes. Walk away from your work station stretch your legs and have a drink, or do some simple stretches at your desk.

Increase these sessions to up to 15 minutes and feel the benefit to you, your focus and your work.

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Deskercise - what is it?

Top Tips for Exercising at Your Office Desk


The Challenge

Many people who spend their time at office desk find that they may either have trouble losing weight, staying in shape, or they may feel as though some of their muscles are tight due to sitting at the desk all the day.


Some businesses actually have a gym membership plan that either goes through their health insurance policy or their business insurance policy. For people who do have gym memberships provided by their company, getting exercise may not be a challenge.

However, for those who don't have this option or simply don't have time, their only time to exercise may be at workplace or at their office desk. There are some simple office desk workouts that you can do right at your desk to help you lose weight, stay in shape, and relax a little while on your job.


People who spend long hours sitting at their desk or in front of a computer may find that after a while it can cause muscle pain and lead to injury.

Shoulder muscles and neck become tense and sometimes painful after sitting a certain way every day. The posture you have at the workplace is the first thing you can try to fix in order to get in shape while at your office desk.

For many office workers, the normal posture while at workplace is having a strained neck, hunched shoulders, and your head is slightly forward.

The posture you should have is sitting up straight to where your shoulders are in line with your hips, and you head and neck are in light with the rest of your body.

Achieve this by making sure your computer screen is eye level so you aren't constantly looking down or up, causing a strain on your neck.

Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, so adjust your office chair to the proper height if it isn’t already.

Some people even choose to sit on an exercise ball instead of a desk chair since it will not only help you maintain the proper posture, but will also give your core a work out from you trying to maintain balance and posture.

Be sure to stretch your body regularly if you sit at your office desk for long hours.

You can do some simple neck rolls. Roll your head down as if you are touching your chin to chest, then tilt your head towards the right then back to the centre, repeat towards the left. You can do these a few times to help loosen the muscles in your neck.

To stretch your shoulders and arms, stretch the arms out, and then bend them at the elbow your hands are touching the top of the shoulders. You can then try to touch your elbows together, and then move them back to the side, repeat about 10 times.

From the same position, with your hands or finger tips touching the top of your shoulders and your elbows pointed out to the side. Proceed to pull your elbows down, then back up till they are parallel with the floor.

Repeat this flapping motion about 10 times.

Stretch your back by grabbing your right arm rest with your left arm, and then twist your body towards the right. Repeat on the left. These stretching exercises should keep muscles loose and relaxed.

Who needs a Gym?!

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