World Malaria Day, 2017 - What Do You Need to Know?


World Malaria Day, or WMD represents the global efforts that have been actively undertaken in order to control an epidemic disease - malaria. Each year on 25th April, the reputed organizations from all around the world unite together to celebrate their success and highlight the awareness & preventative measures need to be further taken for eradicating this disease. 

Why Should We Commemorate "World Malaria Day"?

Needless to mention, Malaria is one of the most fatal and life-threatening blood diseases that is caused by the bite of Anopheles mosquito. Once the infected mosquitoes bite any human and transmit the nasty parasites, those parasites will infect the host's liver and destroy the red blood cells. According to the physicians, this disease needs to be controlled and treated as early as possible (to avoid severe outcomes). That's why everyone needs to be properly aware of this disease, its diagnosis process, the possible symptoms, and the available medical facilities etc.

Unfortunately, the residents of many rural areas of several international territories aren't properly informed about the preventative measures of malarial infection, its early diagnosis, and successful treatment.

Again, in some other geographical locations, there is a serious shortage of basic medical facilities that are absolutely essential for curing/treating this harmful disease. The malarial infection mostly affects the inhabitants of Africa, Asia, Latin America, parts of Europe, and the Middle East, and it is estimated that around 3.3 billion people from 106 international countries are currently at the risk of malarial infection.

This deadly disease has already caused more than 627,000 deaths. 

The current situation is giving major cause for concern and that's why the members of WHO (World Health Organization) have decided to commemorate "World Malaria Day" globally. This event will highlight the acute need for a continued investment & sustained political commitment for the prevention of Malaria.

World Malaria Day, Its Agenda, and Activities

Obviously organizations, such as World Health Organization will play a key role in order to promote and support the actual causes of "World Malaria Day". The day is primarily observed to raise awareness about malaria.

The events and activities that take place on this day are joint efforts collaboratively undertaken by governments, communities, non-government organizations, and individuals. Additionally commercial businesses and the non-profit organizations will use 25th April (World Malaria Day) as a great opportunity to illustrate preventative measures towards malaria interventions and numerous fundraising events and programs are held to support the treatment, control, and prevention of malaria. 

On this "global observance day", people are encouraged to write letters or send petitions to influential political leaders and request them to provide more support towards protecting & treating those people who're at the risk of getting infected by malaria.

Newspapers, magazines, websites, television programs, and radio stations use this day to promote and publicise the ongoing awareness campaigns for malaria.

World Malaria Day, 2017

What Do You Need to Know? - On the upcoming Tuesday (25th April) WHO will commemorate World Malaria Day. This year's theme will be "End Malaria for Good" and WHO will further discuss a critical malaria prevention strategy that will reduce the rate of new malaria cases.

Facts & Quotes of World Malaria Day, 2017

1. The 2017 Theme for WMD will be 'End Malaria for Good'.

2. The female Anopheles mosquito species can transmit malaria.

3. It usually takes approximately 10 days upto 4 weeks to display the visible symptoms of malaria.

4. There are more than hundred species of malaria parasite; among them, "Plasmodium Falciparum" is the deadliest (mainly found in Africa).

5. Female Anopheles mosquito bites between 9 pm and 5 am. Using a mosquito net is considered to be an effective tool for malaria prevention.

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