Activity and state of mind

By now you already understand that exercise makes you stronger, keeps your weight in check, and keeps you looking and feeling youthful. But did you know that exercise can actually make you happier and more cheerful?

When you work out in the gym, go running or do some aerobic exercise, it’s not by coincidence that you feel less anxious, less stressed and generally happier.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have revealed that when people get up and move, even just a little, they become happier compared to their counterparts with sedentary lifestyles.

Generally, exercise boosts your happiness chemicals, energizes you, boosts your confidence, eases anxiety and fights insomnia. So, how do you incorporate more movement and you sedentary or otherwise less active lifestyle?

Here are some quick tips to incorporate movement into your sedentary lifestyle.

Don’t park your car too close to your destination

We instinctively try to find parking space as close to our destination as possible. This, however, denies us a chance to incorporate movement into our daily activities.

To take advantage of this opportunity, try developing a habit of parking your car a block or two away from your destination, or at the very least park at a slot furthest from the door.

Take The Stairs

Seize every opportunity to take stairs as opposed to a lift / elevator, especially if your destination is only one or two flights up. If your destination is a little further than 3rd floor, then you can use both the stairs and an elevator. You can walk up two or three flights then ride an elevator for the rest of the way.

You can increase the number of flights as you become stronger and more active. 

Walk or Bike to Work

This mode of transport may not be possible for everyone, but if there is any chance you can make it happen, then you will find it much easier transforming from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active and happier one.

You can support this initiative with ergonomic products such as quality walking shoes, or a good quality bike for maximum comfort and safety.

Choose Active Vacations

As you incorporate more movement into your daily activities at home and work, your desire to go an extra mile will increase.

You will start looking forward to holidays and vacations as an opportunity to further live an active lifestyle. So instead of retreating to a spa or a beach, you can choose more active adventures such as hiking, biking, camping, skiing and so on.

If you are touring a new city, choose to walk around and explore instead of driving. If you are staying at a resort, you can take advantage of their fitness centre and their pool to kick out the sedentary culture and stay happier and cheerful.

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