Health in the IT industry - Five Common Health Challenges


The job prospects of IT professionals may seem to be quite bright and prosperous.

However, the work life of software engineers isn't easy! In fact, IT engineers typically encounter some of these common job-related problems, such as long working hours, heavy workload, stressful work environment, bad posture, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits.

Collectively, each of these issues may result in various health concerns, for example, lower back pain, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and more.

In this context, this article will examine five common health issues for IT professionals and effective ways to alleviate such health concerns.

Lower Back Pain

Cause -- This is one of the most common health problems that IT professionals often encounter. The primary causes of this health concern include long, tiring, and stressful working hours & bad posture.

A vast majority of software engineers usually spend approximately 8 - 10 hours in front of a computer screen. This sitting posture can place huge stress on the joints, cartilage, and spinal cord.

Consequently, IT professionals often suffer from lower back pain. Please note, lower back pain needs to be treated on time. Or else, the continuous strain and stress on the ligaments will lead to chronic back pain and severely worsen the health condition.

Remedy -- According to physiotherapists, right posture (sit upright and avoid bending the back and head) must be adopted when seated at the desk for long hours. Also, simple exercises must be performed throughout the day to improve the blood circulation on the muscles.

Anxiety and Stress

Cause -- Due to the poor work-life balance, rigorous job pressure, and tight deadline, many IT engineers develop the health problems like stress, depression, and anxiety.

Remedy -- Maintaining a proper work-life balance is the key to avoid stress and anxiety. Also, simple exercises (like swimming, cycling, and running), yoga, meditation, and relaxation therapy


Cause -- Insomnia is another common health problem for IT engineers. Insomnia can be associated with sleeplessness, inability to sleep, and habitual sleeplessness etc. The fundamental causes of this health concern are odd working hours, depression, lack of exercise, anxiety and sitting in close proximity to a computer screen for many hours.

Remedy -- Software professionals are recommended to maintain a proper sleeping habit. They must ensure at least 7 - 8 hours of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep per night. If the condition worsens, they must consult with an experienced physician and undergo appropriate treatment.

Heart Disease

Causes -- Due to the nature of their job (i.e. long working hours, deadlines, pressure), IT professionals suffer from an increasing risk of potential heart diseases including stroke, heart blockage, high blood sugar, increased blood pressure, and excess body fat.

Remedy -- To avoid these health concerns, software engineers are recommended to indulge and follow a good exercise program. Plus, they must take a short break in every thirty minutes and opt for a brisk walk inside the office premises.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cause -- Carpal tunnel syndrome leads to numbness and tingling in the hands. Due to restricted movements of the wrist joint, this condition gets developed where the median nerve which passes through the wrist gets abruptly compressed. Software engineering professionals suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive tasks like uninterrupted typing.

Remedy -- As a remedy to this problem, software engineers should perform some simple wrist exercises like stretching and bending. These workouts not only release the tight tissues, but also they accelerate blood circulation and reduce pain, strain, and stiffness.

Additionally, while working on a personal computer, the keyboard needs to be placed in such a way so that the elbow forms a 90-degree angle with the table.

Health in the IT industry - Key Points to Note:

If you are working in the IT industry, then you're most likely to encounter some of the aforementioned health issues.

In such cases, do not forget to follow the remedial steps (that are explained above) and quickly alleviate the problems before they cause a more serious impact on your health.

For your reference, the key points are summarized below.

• Maintain a good work-life balance

• Follow a regular exercise regime

• Dedicate some time to practice yoga and meditation

• Maintain a healthy and nutritious eating habit

• Ensure 7 – 8 hours of interrupted sleeping

• Get moving – do not sit slouched at your desk for long

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