Top tips for choosing the right international healthcare insurance

Choosing the right sort of international healthcare insurance policy can be influenced by a range of factors – we examine just a few for you to consider.

In order to determine the right international healthcare insurance, you need to assess your concerns and priorities as far as healthcare is concerned. Different insurance companies offer different levels of coverage. 

What is covered?

The main healthcare levels of coverage are usually: Maternity, Dental, Outpatient, and Hospitalisation cover. A healthcare plan with hospitalisation only will cater for major risks such as surgery, diseases, or accidents, that leave you hospitalised. This is the most significant level of healthcare plan, as it provides a way to cover for the typically expensive cost of hospitalisation. 

Generally, you’ll be provided with the Outpatient International Healthcare Insurance plan as an option. This will enable you to go and visit doctors (Specialists, GPs, and for prescribed medication). You may not need a healthcare insurance plan if the outpatient benefits in your country provide low cost visits to the doctors. 

Several international healthcare insurance plans also offer dental care as an option. This usually comes with a waiting period before you can start enjoying the dental coverage. There are some healthcare plans that cover major dental treatment as well. Usually, healthcare insurance plans that include orthodontic cover are the most expensive, which goes to show how expensive they are. 

Maternity cover, on the other hand, is quite different and a policy qualification period of between three and twelve months is often included. This level of cover can significantly increase your healthcare premiums so careful consideration should be made about whether or not it is necessary. 

Determine your priorities 

Figure out whether you want the most cost effective healthcare plan, or the best offer in your range. Relatively inexpensive insurance plans should cover hospitalisation, at the very least. But flexibility may also come in handy when choosing the right international healthcare insurance plan. A healthcare plan that includes dental or outpatient cover will provide more alternatives should you find yourself in an overseas country. For instance, expatriate doctor fees are usually higher as compared to local doctor fees. An insurance plan that includes outpatient cover will enable you to consult any doctor you want freely from any medical facility. 

Compare the International healthcare insurance plans 

Enquire for a healthcare insurance quote (which is usually free), and compare the available plans. When deciding over a wide range of international healthcare insurance plans, you may need to determine how much travel you are likely to do and how many different countries you will visit. A suitable insurance plan will enable you to move from one country to the other without having to reapply.

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