Becoming A Better, Fitter, and Healthier Me in 2018

Are you planning to live a better life in 2018? Then start by being true to yourself and change your mindset by making incremental changes. Instead of aiming for impossible goals and holding yourself captive of your own making, having a fresh and organised approach is your best approach. Planning and aiming for feasible and achievable options are far better for both physical and mental health.

Does It begin with me?

Yes. It begins with you. Changing the mindset is the foundation of a successful fitness plan. If you believe that working out or having to check what you eat is no fun then you are setting yourself up for failure! The moment you decide to change your mind; you change your body. It is for this reason you need to alter your mindset and create a sense of positivity within you.

What do I have to eat?

By now you probably have some idea of what is right for your body. It is important to note that lean protein and veggies are good for the body. And truth be told, giving yourself something to look forward to is good too. The piece of cake and drink once in a while, and having some friends come to visit is also a vital component of a healthy living.

Forget the strict diet plans and do some research on the best foods for your body type.

Make sure you avoid eating too little because this will slow down your metabolism when working out. Increase your energy levels by sensibly, cut out snacking and then exercise to burn any excess calories.

It is on that note that we pose the question:

Are successful people more fit, or are fit people more successful?

Statistics show that successful people are very motivated and it is from this drive that they choose to become fitter as their personality is also affected by the whole process.

When the human body is physically active, it releases endorphin known as Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF). This enables you to think more clearly and also make better decisions in life and in business. Try it. It works!

Working out increases the level of BDNF in your brain hence enabling heightened cognitive functions which are a great remedy for mental health. Physical and mental fitness is basically having more energy and stamina, including staying healthier all year round.

A significant number of top executives believe that physical fitness is critical to career success. They further explain that being overweight can be a serious career obstacle that most people would prefer to avoid.

How do I plan for the rewards?

Physical movement is rewarded by chemical systems inside our brain. It is therefore important to combine good nutrition with planned physical activity.

When you feel good you increase the chances of a healthy mindset making you better able to cope with workouts and diets that might previously have been daunting. It’s never late for transformation because in life the only constant we know of is change and incremental change creates positive habits in a stress-free way.

Be aware that the improvements will be gradual and don’t expect too much too soon but over time you will begin to notice significant changes in work performance, productivity, physical fitness and mental sharpness.

Good luck and remember Mayfair, we care