Overseas Travel Today

Although in general we all get excited about a trip, nothing compares to the excitement of planning and preparing for a trip abroad whether it is for business or pleasure. 

Thoughts of meeting new people, learning new cultures, disconnecting from the normal activities and scenery you are used to may result in you packing your bags without thinking of some important details. 

That said, take some time out to carefully plan for your trip taking into consideration the essential things you require since proper planning will help ensure that your trip begins and ends smoothly. 

If this is the first time you are traveling abroad, or even if you just require a refresher, here are some top considerations to make when traveling abroad for business or pleasure together with a number of ways on how you can do research for the safety of a destination in today's increasingly dangerous world.

Top Considerations

Double check requirements for Visa and Passport:

It may appear like a simple matter but carefully doing research relative to passports and visas can significantly save you both trouble and time.

For a first time passport applier, give yourself a period of four to six weeks to acquire it. In some countries, the regulations are stricter and a plane ticket and a passport may do for you. Nonetheless, prevention is always better than cure and as such, ensure that you have this aspect handled before you travel.

Map Out Important Locations:

On arrival to your destination, the hustle of locating your hotel and other important places may seem like a forever task especially due to fatigue if the journey was very long. 

Familiarise yourself with key areas before boarding and lucky for you, we are in the Smartphone era where traveling has been made easier through GPS and travel Apps. As such, everything should be simpler when you arrive and and pick up transport or a hire car

Review Travel Warnings and Alerts

It is vital to check for travel warning and alerts prior to traveling internationally. There may be significant alerts inspired by such matters as political unrests or criminal activity. Although the occurrence of such alerts may perhaps not even disrupt your trip, they can go a long way in saving you time and panics in your trip. 

Where to look

Wikitravel Articles

In the planning stages consult the Wikitravel page for information on the area you are visiting. Despite the fact that at times it may be somehow outdated, the page has very vital information all outlined in an organised manner.

Information such as places to stay and safety tips are found here.

Reading Guide Books

Guide books contain a lot of detailed information about a destination. Such books will have sections relating to the culture, history, hotel and restaurant reviews and much, much more. These books are invaluable, especially for a first-timer. 

Read posts written by Travel Bloggers who have visited the destinations: 

If you are looking for a great way to learn about a destination, travel blogs are one good way.

There are numerous travel blogs and it just requires the touch of a button for a Google search and you can locate a blog on your travel destination. 

Travel Blogs are reliable since they give first hand perception of a destination. Identify a blogger with a similar budget, interests and style of travel as you since their information and advice may be better suited for you. 


Whether you are traveling abroad for business or for pleasure, it is vital to take your time to research and do your homework on the key important things you need to consider and do some research related to your destination.

Once you have put into account all the considerations and researched well on your destination, you can be assured of a good trip from beginning to end. 

Good luck and remember, Mayfair Cares