Top 5 health issues to be aware of in 2018

In 2017 we witnessed many new developments in the health industry. With more and more people joining the fitness bandwagon, several issues, that weren’t deemed to be pertinent, gained a much-needed limelight.

2018 isn’t going to any different. Fresh health concerns will emerge, and this time, let’s hope people take them seriously. Here’s a quick look at the issues we are likely to face:

Mental health

When an earthquake, the magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale, hit Haiti in 2010 more than 200,000 people died. The aftermath was equally terrible. Almost 25% of the surviving population experienced significant post traumatic stress disorder and many of the rescue and health workers were similarly affected.

In 2017, a similar level of stress was observed among Americans. This stress level rose between January and August. According to studies by the American Psychological Association, more than half the population of Americans feel that they are experiencing the lowest point in their lives.

While a part of this is due to the constant political unrest and uncertainty, another part of this has risen from gun violence, chronic poverty and natural disasters.

Globally, how can we even forget technology? With smartphones, tablets, laptops and bluetooths, we are connected more than ever. And maybe this is why we feel incredibly lonely. In almost every corner of the globe, the issues of teen suicide and depression have risen and in 2018 things are going to be even worse.

So when it comes to global health issues that deserve awareness, mental health issues will definitely top our list.

Malaria, virus, and dengue

With the global temperatures slowly rising, diseases like malaria, dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya too are on the rise. The mosquito and many other disease-carrying pests are thriving on this big, warm world.

This in turn, is leading newer strains of influenza and the relatively older strains bubonic plague are forecast to emerge and re-emerge. With an outbreak of bubonic plague having just been reported in Madagascar we cannot afford to be complacent in 2018.

Disease resulting from natural disasters

Last September, the death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was more than 64. Several people were diagnosed with exhaustion, heart attacks and strokes, most of which they wouldn’t have experienced, if the hurricane had not occurred.

Extreme weather conditions are becoming common with every passing day – 2017 saw wildfires claim 300,000 acres of California and 1 million acres of land in British Columbia as people lost homes, livelihoods and in some cases, lives. With droughts and floods forecast to be more frequent across the world the possibilities of impending infection also rise. So, in 2018 Governments need to be aware of, and prepared for, dealing with the diseases cropping up from natural disasters.

Tick borne viruses

Tick borne viruses, or more specifically the Crimean congo fever, is yet another health issue that is going to take 2018 by storm. This tick borne virus is widely prevalent in the African, Asian and Middle Eastern Countries. So if you’re planning a trip here anytime soon, it would be wise to take the necessary precautions.


Ebola has not had such a high profile as it did when this deadly virus occurred with a  severe outbreak in Africa during 2014-2015. However, it has not gone away and there is still a high possibility of its re-emergence. Although there isn’t any vaccine for Ebola currently available, scientists and doctors are hopeful that a vaccine will go into production in March /April 2018 which will address this dreadful disease.


If the foregoing sounds like more of the same then that is probably because it’s true. Mental health issues look to be here to stay and natural disasters are a constant threat – moreso in some parts of the World than others but these are all global issues and it is to be hoped that the trust we all put in our world leaders is well placed.

Mayfair, we care.