The Benefits of Slow and Steady Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, slow but steady wins the race. While fast weight loss may have noticeable results within a short time, it is not sustainable in the long run. Patience is a virtue which works wonders when incorporated in weight loss.

Risks associated with rapid weight loss.

Losing weight fast is something that’s highly sought after by most overweight people, because of the instant gratification it results in. Many go on diets which promise them quick results, only for the weight to come back soon after stopping the diet. Furthermore, rapid weight loss is unsafe and poses several risks, such as:

· Dehydration.

When people seek to lose weight fast, they often go on quick-fix yo-yo diets which yield the promised instant results but at a greater cost. When one starts losing weight, the first thing to go is usually water. Losing weight rapidly puts one at risk of dehydration.

· Nutrients deficiencies.

Most rapid weight loss plans involve cutting back on eating certain foods such as carbs and proteins. Some people go to the extreme of cutting these foods out entirely or eating extremely tiny portions. But because the body needs nutrients from all the food groups to operate, cutting back on them drastically could result in nutrient deficiencies. 

· Loose skin.

Losing weight with quick-fix diets often gets rid of minimal fat but plenty of muscles. And because it usually doesn’t include strength workouts or any workouts at all, it results in a loose and saggy body. One is left with loose skin all over, and this can result in severe body image and self-esteem issues.

· Sudden heart attack.

The effects of starvation involved in rapid weight loss, coupled with dehydration, has been known to lead to sudden heart attacks and potential death.

Prevention is better than cure. Considering the risks mentioned above, one is safer following a plan which helps you lose weight slowly and steadily. Though you might not get instant gratification and quick results from such a plan, it will be beneficial and worth it in the long run.

Benefits of gradual weight loss.

1. Sustainability.

Slow weight loss ensures that you maintain a fast and efficient metabolism, which helps you lose weight steadily and maintain a healthy weight after.

2. It’s safe.

Losing weight gradually helps your body cope with lifestyle changes and adjust to the dietary changes to which it is subjected.

3. Prevents loss of muscles.

Losing weight steadily helps you get all the calories you need, and your body does not need to source for energy from muscle cells. This helps you lose fat and keep your muscles intact, which will result in a toned and firm body.

4. Keeps you energized.

Because losing weight slowly involves consuming all the necessary calories in moderation, your body gets all the nutrients it needs to perform. You’ll have enough energy to perform your daily tasks as well as work out.

5. You develop good habits

Possible the biggest benefit of all is that you will develop good eating and exercise habits that will have a longer lasting effect and you may not need to think about dieting ever again!

All things considered, losing weight slowly and steadily is the safer option and yields the best, sustainable results in the long run. It requires a lot of patience and sacrifice, but nothing good comes easy after all, right?

Good luck.