1 Thing You Can Do Today

Get photos off your phone and into a photo book

When was the last time you sorted through the photos on your phone? The average smartphone user has a whopping 2100 photos on their phone. Lose your phone, and all those memories are gone.

You can upload them onto your computer, but then what? Never look at them again?

Instead, why not get them off your phone and into a phone book?

A photo book isn’t just a great gift or centrepiece on the coffee table, it is also an instant mood-lifter. It triggers feelings of joy, hope and gratitude, which are like medicine for your mood.

You can use one of the many photo sticks, little devices which gather all your photos from your phone and computers and tablets and make it easier to sort through duplicates and dates.

Then you can choose from many different online photobook shops. Most allow you to send photos digitally and then have your fully produced book delivered to you. There are various levels of sophistication, so you can decide if you want total control over layout, or whether you prefer a ‘done-for-you’ template.

Google “photo book” to get started now.