2020 resolutions

Don’t leave it until New Year’s Eve to make those resolutions to improve your life, health, work and general behaviours for next year. Give it some thought now and prepare to break all those bad habits that you’ve developed during the course of 2019.

We all promise to give up our bad habits and replace them with new and better behaviours. It might work for a week or two in January but slowly we slide back into old, familiar and far more comfortable ways. So, how can you make those changes lasting ones?


Planning is all important in life for the likes of family routine and socialising but it also works if you want to implement change. Pick your important goals and schedule time to achieve them whether that’s regular exercise or eating in a more healthy way. You will be surprised how much easier it will be to make healthy habits a part of your everyday life if you plan in advance and make time for them.

Don’t be too ambitious.

Patience is the key to success when it comes to implementing change so choose one or two goals that are the most important to you and decide what healthy habits are needed to achieve them.

Sometimes changing one thing will need will lead to another. For instance, if you improve your diet and start eating more healthily you may find that you have more energy to exercise.

Long-term thinking.

Quick fixes simply don’t work. Studies have indicated that without long-term guidance quick fixes like fat diet that we all hear about do not provide lasting benefits

Habits whether they are good or bad, will emerge due to repeated actions over time.


Motivation is essential when we want to work towards implementing change but for most of us motivation is something that comes and goes. So we have to be prepared for those times when motivation is at a low ebb.

This is where family and friends can help. Having an exercise partner will encourage you to carry on with that exercise even when you don’t feel like it because not to do so would be to let your friend or family member down and you don’t want to do that.

Make sure that you put all such appointments in your diary so that you can’t simply say “sorry I forgot”.

Even if you do fall short of your targets and intentions don’t beat yourself up about it! Tomorrow is another day and you can start again with renewed motivation and enthusiasm.

Remember, Mayfair we care.