Easy hints and tips for an easier life.

Improve your sleep

Where a pair of socks. Recent research has indicated that wearing socks can significantly improve sleep quality people who were socks full asleep 15 minutes earlier stay asleep during the night and sleep for 30 minutes longer.

Escaping stress

Try listening to your favourite music. Neuroscientists in the UK have specified that one song in particular, Weightless by Marconi Union resulted in a 65% reduction in overall anxiety. The song was created with this in mind, and a 10 hour version of Weightless is available on YouTube. 

Healthy Snacking

Try replacing our current snacks with nuts or seeds. They supply a number of essential nutrients and Brazil nuts in particular contain fibre, protein, vitamin E, iron, copper, magnesium and zinc, as well as healthy mono unsaturated fats. 

Guilty pleasure.

Chocolate. Sometimes it’s good to have something that you like. It improves the mood and need not threaten health. If you like chocolate, consider eating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Why? Chocolate with the cocoa content of 60% or more offers health benefits such as antioxidants. Dark chocolate contains less sugar and fat but more fibre so you will eat so less of it because it is more filling.

Milk chocolate is only 10 to 20% cocoa and mainly consists of cocoa butter, fats and sugar – so less good for you.

Memory boosters

One top tip to help you remember things is to write it down – writing by hand strengthens the memory more-so than recording things on a keyboard. The process of writing, along with the sense of touching paper and hep aids memory

Easy exercising

We need to stay physically active to be healthy and the simplest way of doing this is to go for a regular walk. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s convenient and it is a low impact activity. This means that you are less likely to cause injury than if you were jogging or running.

For cardiovascular health the faster we walk, the better it is for us and vigorous walking requires about 130 steps per minute so count those steps when you’re out today.

Good luck!


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