How to Choose Ergonomic Aids

Back ache, neck ache and eyestrain are all signs of a poor ergonomic set-up at work. Reduce stress on your body by choosing the right ergonomic accessories.

A good chair and desk can go a long way to ensuring you maintain correct posture when you are working. But to get the optimum set-up you may need a few additional supports. Follow this quick accessory guide from Healthworks’ Your Body At Work to find the best aids for you.

Q. Do you need to raise your monitor to have it at the correct height?

A. A monitor stand can easily fix this. If you use a laptop, a laptop stand can raise the height of the screen and allows you to use an external keyboard and mouse.

Q. Do your feet dangle above the floor, or are you more comfortable with them raised slightly?

A. Forget the awkward crossed legs position, it’s time to invest in a footstool. This will allow your thighs to rest comfortably on the seat of the chair and your knees to be bent between 70 and 110 degrees.

Q. When typing, do you tense your wrist or forearms, or are your forearms unsupported?

A. A wrist support will fix this problem.

Q. Do you need to manoeuvre your chair to access items required for work?

A. A slide mat will ensure your chair moves easily across the floor.

Q. Do you rotate your neck to one side when reading documents, or push your keyboard away to fit documents immediately in front of you?

A. A document holder or reading/writing frame (which sits over your keyboard) will fix this.

Q. Do you use the phone frequently, cradle it in your neck, or hunch your shoulders while holding the phone?

A. A phone headset. Bluetooth headset or speakerphone is essential.

Q. Is your back sore or uncomfortable?

A. Try a back support on your chair. There are a number of types available, depending on your area of discomfort.

Text Neck danger

Bending your neck forward and down for long periods looking at your mobile phone is causing a wave of neck, shoulder and back problems known as Text Neck. Minimise injury by raising the height of your phone or tablet and take a break or change position every 15 minutes.