Is Your First Aid Up to Date?

If you have a First Aid certificate, or are thinking of getting one, you need to commit to doing a regular refresher. Here’s why:

1. Guidelines and procedures can change

A significant example is the change to CPR protocols. Many of us were taught to do 15 compressions and then two breaths. The new rule is to do 30 compressions followed by two breaths.

The difference could be the difference between life and death.

2. It’s easy to forget details

If you’re not using your first aid skills regularly (especially if your workplace has a good safety record), you’re likely to forget some parts. Research shows that healthcare providers’ skill retention declines as soon as three months after training.

It’s vital that your knowledge and skills are front of mind in an emergency, so you don’t need to doubt – or Google – anything.

Regular refreshers help you remember the important details and keep your skills sharp.

3. It boosts your confidence

Your confidence in first aid matters almost as much as the information. When you know your skills are fresh and up to date, you’ll have more confidence in making quick decisions. Your confidence will be felt by any bystanders or colleagues who need to follow your instructions – and of course, by your patient.


What are the regulations for renewal?

Workplace first aid is covered by government regulations.

Although your First Aid Certificate doesn’t expire as such, your workplace needs to follow the regulations.

It is recommended that:

  • CPR training should be refreshed every year.
  • First Aid Qualifications should be renewed every three years.


What are the overall regulations for first aid in the workplace?

All workplaces must provide first aid equipment, facilities and in some circumstances, trained first aiders.

Further, a workplace must ensure:

  • first aid equipment is provided for the workplace
  • each worker at the workplace has access to the first aid equipment
  • access to facilities for the administration of first aid are provided
  • an adequate number of workers are trained to provide first aid at the workplace, or
  • workers have access to other persons who have been trained to provide first aid treatment.