Stepping Safely: Smarter Ways to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common workplace hazards and can result in serious injuries.

To keep you and your colleagues safe, here are some tips to minimise the risk of accidents at work.

1. Beware of spills

Whether it is your morning green juice or a rogue plastic bag, unexpected spills on the floor are common causes of slips. Where possible, clean up small spills immediately to prevent accidents, otherwise let someone know so the cleaning crew can be called.

2. Keep your space tidy

Not only does keeping your desk drawers closed look neat, it also stops them becoming trip hazards. Keep things like handbags off the floor as well.

3. Mind the cords

Always use the power point closest to you and avoid trailing cables across walkways to prevent tripping hazards.

4. Pick up after yourself

A moment spent to scoop up stray pens can save you and your co-workers from potential slips or trips.

5. Use handrails on stairs

This is not a suggestion to slide down the handrails, fun as it may be! Always use handrails when going up or down stairs. It helps keep your balance and you are less likely to fall.

6. Maintain clear sightlines

Also known as watch where you are going! When carrying anything large, if you cannot see past your load, find another way to move it.

7. Furniture is not a ladder

Do not be tempted to save time and climb on the shelves or other furniture to reach high shelves. Do yourself a favour, get a ladder!

8. Mind your load

Be careful on stairs and uneven surfaces, especially if you are carrying something.

9. Watch your step

Keep hallways and walkways free from clutter. In rainy weather, take extra care entering the workplace as slips are more likely. Do not rush. We are all busier than ever before, but try and slow down – hurrying and frustration are big human factors in slips, trips and falls. Always use appropriate footwear with slip-resistant soles for added grip.

10. Do not get distracted!

Mobile phones make it easy to use the time moving between spaces to catch up on emails or make phone calls, but distraction is a significant contributor to slips, trips and falls. Remember that when you are tired, you are more easily distracted and prone to accidents.

These simple actions do not take much time or effort but they make a big difference when it comes to keeping you and your colleagues safe.