1 Thing You Can Do Today

Visit somewhere new in your hometown

Ever played tourist where you live? Imagine you have travelled across the world to stay in your town or city. What would you want to see? Which foods would you want to eat? What would amaze you?

Experiencing your hometown with new eyes can feel like a mini-holiday and can help you refresh your perspective on life. You might have discovered this when friends or family come to stay and you show them around. They are often enthusiastic about things you have started to take for granted.

To really gain the benefits of a staycation, try researching your hometown just as you would if you were a tourist. Look it up on TripAdvisor, or check out Google Reviews for things to do nearby.

Choose one place nearby that you have never been. It could be a new café, or a new park, or even a monument that has been there for a hundred years. And, like every good holiday, don’t forget to take photos and post on social media – you might inspire others to do the same.