Keeping an eye on your eyes


We take our eyes for granted but we rely on them every minute of the waking day.


Do we take proper care of them? Do we take note when they’re tired because of digital eyestrain, tech fatigue or computer vision syndromes which are all terms to describe tired and overworked eyes.


It’s not a serious condition but anyone who regularly stares at a screen for more than two hours at a time will be familiar with the symptoms.


Driving long distances, reading fine print or focusing on detailed work close up for extended periods can also have the same affect and strain our eyes.


Why does this happen?


Any activity where you tend not to blink as often as you would normally do can cause symptoms of eye fatigue. You may also clinch the facial muscles muscles around your eyelids, temples and jaw as your eyes work to stay focused. This adds to the discomfort.


Refractive vision problems due to regular irregularities in the shape of your eyes may also lead to eyestrain. The good news is that eye strain does not cause you permanent damage.


The symptoms

·       Burning sensation in the eye area.

·       Watery or uncomfortably dry eye.

·       Difficulty focusing.

·       Sensitivity to light.

·       Blurred or double vision.

·       Headaches.

·       Sore neck shoulders or back due to muscle tension.


Looking after your eyes.


The best treatment for eye strain is rest which will usually ease the discomfort in the short term.


You should also: 

  • Take regular breaks when you’re focusing close up for long periods as when reading or when using electronic devices like computers and smartphones and also when driving.
  • Adjust the lighting so that the light is behind you and focus directly on your book when reading.
  • Use lubricating eye drops which can help to reduce dryness and redness.
  • Adjust the contrast brightness and font size on your screen to make it easier to read.
  • Adjust the monitor so the top of the screen is just below eye level.
  • Keep your screen clear to avoid glare and reflection caused by dust and dirt.


Your eyes are far too important to neglect. Make sure that you see you’re at optometrist for regular eye tests and specific exercises to strengthen your eye muscles.


Good luck!

Mayfair, we care.